Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rebecca and Cameron

I love this couple! Rebecca is Eric's cousin. Becca grew up in Yuma near Eric, in fact their photo books of their childhood are practically identical because they were in every picture together. I became friends with Becca when we did fair years ago and continued to be friends through girls camp and many stake activities. Becca asked Eric if he would go with me on our first date when we were sophomores.
I just love weddings and March 5 was a happy day for many couples at the Mesa Temple. But the most gorgeous bride goes to Mrs. Peterson. Here are a few pictures. Eric's mom, sister Jessica, his brother David and his wife came to Mesa for the wedding.
 Curtis Family
 Auntie Leo

It was so much fun hanging out with Uncle Mark and his family and the happy couple the night before the wedding. We stayed up to 1 in the morning playing cards and other games. 

Here is Luke and Christian's first wrestling match after the wedding. Luke was getting a diaper change so that is why he doesn't have any clothes on. He is catching up to Christian is weight, but Christian still has him in skill.

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  1. That is way cool!! I had heard that Becca was getting married, but its cool to see pics! Well, congrats to the happy couple. Its always fun to go to weddings and feel the love :)