Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tough Kid

Luke had surgery today. Everything went well and he is recovering great. He took the longest nap ever today so we will see how the night goes. Going into the surgery we thought he had an undescended testicle but there was also the possibility that he may not have a left one. When baby boys are developing their testicles start out in the same place as a girls ovaries. In their descent during development the can twist on their way down cutting off blood supply and thus leaving an atrophied testicle. When they went in they found Luke's left testicle has atrophied and he also had a left inguinal hernia. So they repaired his left inguinal hernia, removed the atrophied testicle and did an orchiopexy on the right testicle, which essential means they tacked down the right testicle so it will never twist and cut off blood supply. He is doing great and has been extra snuggly today. The doctor said the recovery time would be a couple of days but Luke is already rolling over and laying on his stomach. I have a feeling he will bounce back quickly. The toughed part was not feeding him this morning.  

Who knew the toy of choice to get him through the morning without food would be the wipie box. 

He slept through most of recovery. 


  1. ouch... that has got to hurt. Glad to hear he is recovering well. :) And I agree with Mary, you are ONE HOT MOM! ;)

  2. I am glad things went well! It is amazing how fast they recover and are happy again after things like this.

  3. Aww, poor kid! Luckily, he has the best peds nurse for a mom. Miss you Lis.

  4. Aww poor Luke!! I'm glad everything went well, I bet it is hard to see your little one go through surgery. Love the photos :)