Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hyder Weekend

We went to Hyder a few weeks ago and loved staying in my mom's new house. It was a perfect getaway from the sticky city. The weather was surprisingly cool for the end of July. 

Luke went on his first motorcycle ride and seemed to like it.

There is just something special about being able to shoot off your back porch. Eric and Kurtis set up cans and  other targets. Just before they started to shoot a poor bunny hopped right in front of the targets. I don't think I   even have to tell you the fate of the little rabbit.

First reptile brought into the new house, needless to say the stay was short lived.

And lastly, ping pong has because a fierce family sport. Kurtis and Mom play best of 5 sets to determine todays champ.

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  1. Fun stuff!! I totally agree that there really is something cool about be able to shoot off of your back porch. We can shoot off ours and it just lets me know I'm in the country and that life is good :) Looks like it was a fun trip! I LOVE the pic of Luke and Eric on the motor bike with Luke's big grin :) What a boy! and a cutie =]