Monday, December 6, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Luke is walking and talking (if you call gibber gabber talking). He can say a few words which happen to be his favorite things.

 "Ball" Luke loves to play with balls. He calls anything remotely round a ball. I gave him a boiled egg to eat and he said "ball" then took a large bite.

 "Bubble" My babysitter has a bubble machine and Luke goes crazy. I keep small Halloween bubbles in the diaper bag. It has saved me a time or two with a cranky baby. Bubble can often be confused with "bottle" which I think he can say now or he is just calling his milk a bubble.

 "Book" I found him the other day just like this going through his box of books. We take lots of books to church.
"Dad" and "Dog" He most favorite word is Dad! Eric is so great at getting down and playing with him.
He also loves dogs, especially little ones he can chase after.

He finally started to say "Mama". I think I call him baby too often because he says baby perfectly. I taught him to point to my tummy and say baby. I don't know how much he really understands because this morning he pointed to his tummy and said "baby".

*Picture of mama and baby pending a shower and makeup.


  1. Fun stuff! I like the pic of Luke with the bubbles! Very cute little guy :)

  2. I love the book picture! I also love your pending picture...I miss you girl!