Monday, January 31, 2011

Say Yes

This is sort of a belated post but I love love love looking through my wedding photos and reminiscing on that special day. Eric and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago on January 15th. We didn't do anything too special which is the part I loved. We spend the day getting ready for the baby and went out to dinner. It also marked the end of my two week stent of bed red from weeks 34 to 36. During those two weeks I must admit I netflixed several episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Yes I still love my dress and still love the man I married that day.

  I love how you can see Eric in the reflection of the door. 


  1. Umm...I'm not going to lie...I was addicted to Say Yes to the Dress while I was nursing Caity...and I am not going to lie- I love looking at your wedding pictures too! I think you should post all of them. Like every single one. I didn't even notice Eric- that is a sick picture. Sick like cool, not sick like pink eye, which my daughter totally has- and DON'T worry- John took her to nursery on that terrible or what? Anyway...I writing way too much about nothing relevant so...yeah. love ya...happy anniversay and lets have that baby a couple weeks early shall we?

  2. Congrats of two years! Whoo! Love your wedding pictures! Very beautiful.

  3. So I've decided that we need to get together. Probably after you've had the baby and had a few weeks to hide out, of course. What do ya say?