Thursday, August 4, 2011


All these girls are 4 months apart! From oldest to youngest: Clara(January), Holly (February), Isabella & Gabriella (April) We are just missing Capri! She was born in March!!! She's represented here by the blanket :)

My sister in law posted this adorable picture on facebook. Holly is so lucky to have not 1 but 5 girl cousins within 4 months of her age. Not to mention two more boy cousins in the Lines family that sandwich all these girls. Not all are from the Lines side, Amy Rose was born    
on May 5 for a Skousen cousin. We are so excited to meet her next week at Jake and Stacey's wedding!!!!


  1. Wow!! So awesome! Cousins are the best, as you know. :)

  2. How fun!! Its always fun to lots of cousins to play with!! :)