Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ticking Clock

I know all of my faithful readers, I have given up on my blog. That darn pinterest, perhaps if I looked at it less and devoted that time to blogging. Alas, the moans of a busy girl. Yes I still feel like a little girl playing a grown up game. I come home to a wonderful husband who kisses me everyday and a two year old who also demands his kisses. I have to tell myself all the time that I have two kids. Life has been so busy lately. My latest adventures include some leadership roles which are a little tough for me. I have never considered myself a natural born leader. I am more of the people pleaser and lets face it a push over. I will do everything within my power to avoid confrontation. I am learning the art of delegation and communication.
      I got a new calling in church a few months ago which I can finally wrap my head around. I am the Young Women's President in the Tempe Ward. I have such great girls and amazing leaders stacked into my organization that it make my job a breeze. Now that I have a calendar in place for the next few months, I truly feel better about life. They have brought some life back into me. We played volleyball on Wednesday for mutual. The girls had a great time and the 1st Counselor happens to be the Volleyball coach at Westwood High. At the end Chelsi offered to set me some balls to hit. I killed it! It felt so good. I think I even said something like, "Yeah I had two babies". Okay our net was extremely low because of the poor quality, but it was exactly what I needed. A little pick me up and Lisa you got this.  
     The next area of my life which I rarely expound on is my professional career. I sound so old and drab when I use the word career. I hate to even chalk it up to a career as my professional aspirations are to work 1 day every two weeks and stay home with my children. Let's call it my day job, that seems much lighter. We have been busier then every on the 7th Floor. Our unit has enough beds for 48 patients and it is enormous. I actually gave 7 units of blood products in one day on two different patients. 7 units!! That is absolutely nuts as the patient could have a severe reaction every time a new unit is hung. I have worked for Phoenix Children's for 3 1/2 years now. In the last few weeks I have trained to the Relief Charge Nurse. What is a relief charge you ask? Well it is a fill in for when the 3 regular charge nurses are not scheduled. It is usually not very often, but one of our Charge Nurses broke her wrist and is out on medical leave. So today I was in charge of the floor. I carried the phone and prayed all day long that nothing would happen. I had a fairly decent day filled with some problem solving and creative staffing, but I survived. Thankfully no patients were transferred to the PICU and no one coded.
     The other night my kids and husband were sound asleep at 9 o'clock. I had worked that day so my mind still desperately needed a wind down. I sat on my chair reading a book. I started to get annoyed at the clock ticking. I just wanted quiet. Then I thought to myself, when is the last time it was still enough in my house to hear the clock ticking. I was thankful for that little moment. Heavenly Father know our needs and knows what experiences will strengthen us. I am thankful for that little voice that tells me Lisa you got this.


  1. Congrats on your new calling!! Having good leaders and girls to surround you makes a HUGE difference!! I know I absolutely LOVE this calling even though it can be A LOT of work! It's totally worth it! :)

  2. Lisa! Seriously if I can have it as together as you do when I have 2 kids I will be so happy!. you are an amazing example and I love you to death! I dearly wish we were next door neighbors and could have lunch/play dates with our kids, but maybe someday! Hang in there and know that you are being blessed by being in charge of your young women! I am so grateful for good youngwomen leaders and I know you will be that example that the girls need! Your kids are adorable and growing up so fast, I can't believe how big luke is. It makes me want to freeze time with my week old little princess. Love you lots and think about you all the time!!

  3. Lisa. I never read blogs, not even sure how I found this one, but so glad I did. I just need to say I love you. I miss you, you are amazing. And yes, you got this.