Saturday, October 3, 2009


This Friday we went to our local Cabela's out in Gendale. Eric was in heaven just being in the same building as guns, knives, and any kind of camping gear you could imagine. Cabela's also has an array of stuffed animals that people have donated. I was shocked to see a 12 foot Elephant hailing from Botswana Africa. What do a pregnant lady and an elephant have in common? Nothing! He still has at least 13,000 pounds on me! The picture is not as impressive as the real deal.



  1. We *heart* Cabelas- Orrin calls it "The free zoo". Yup, we are that white trash.

    Hey- I did a post about how to enlarge photos on here!

  2. I've always wanted to go into Cabela's but we just haven't made it to Utah to go. The Elephant is VERY impressive. My Dad went to Africa a few years ago on a hunting trip, but he didn't get an elephant :)

  3. Lisa! I love the cute prego belly!! And even better I love that you are standing next to the Elephant! Cabelas does have a dear spot in my heart. Love ya