Monday, October 26, 2009

When you play with fire...

I still feel pretty new to the Lines family, but I have learned one thing about Lines boys. They love fire, anything that can be lit or explode grabs their attention. We went out to visit my parents this weekend in the sticks because we were getting a little tired of the city life. Eric loves the open land and open range so to speak. No trip is complete without a fire, a motorcycle ride, and shooting. So at dusk Eric rounded up Kurtis and Shanna and build a good sized fire. He came into the house with a new hair do. No he did not bleach his hair, his poor hairs, eyelashes, and eyebrows were singed. The old saying rings true, if you play with fire, you will get burned.

"trust me folks it hurt really bad. my face really hurt in this picture"

Part two of Eric's adventure was a ride on the motorcycle to Sears point and Hidden Valley. He kept up with my dad and Kurtis even through the river bed. For last part of the weekends adventure, I regret I do not have pictures. Kurtis and Eric shot some Jackrabbits. They then skinned them and cooked some of the meat. It was pretty good and just a little on the chewy side. The shocking part of the story is that my Mom even tried some cooked Jackrabbit.

We really enjoyed our trip out to Hyder. If you are wondering what this 34 week prego did, I tried to stay off my feet as long as I could. I conjured up my Halloween craftiness to make a cute pumpkin shirt. My mom really did most of the work, but it was a combined effort. Check later for a halloween post.


  1. That's kinda funny but I'm sure it did hurt. I singed my arm hairs one time starting the BBQ grill. Not a pretty sight! I'm glad you guys had a good time in Hyder (the country really is the best!) :)

  2. The little singed hairs are all extra curly, cute!

  3. Lisa! How did I not know you had a blog?? I'm so excited! Loved lookin at all your pictures...