Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have you had that baby yet?

  • Cleaned kitchen top to bottom , including stove top
  • Washed and folded all laundry
  • Cleaned bathroom and scrubbed floor
  • Proofread Eric’s paper
  • Doctor’s appointment. 3 cm making progress
  • Bank, dry cleaner, and Target returns
  • Oil changed in car
  • Pedicure and eyebrow wax
  • Considering running bleachers at MCC

Still waiting for a baby…


  1. *Like*

    Oh, and you can only do that on Facebook.

    Well, I still like this post!

  2. At the end it seems like they will never come and your life is a never-ending waiting game (especially when you have already begun to dilate and you get your hopes up that you will deliver early) but don't worry, he will come! :)

  3. Lisa Jo (AKA- momma lines) You're such a cute prego lady!! :) I'm so excited for you and Erik!