Monday, November 23, 2009

Craving or obsession?

People ask me if I have been craving weird things because I am pregnant. I usually answer no, but I was thinking about my latest obsession with cooking with pumpkin. In the last month I have made pumpkin squares, pumpkin bread, a pumpkin roll, pumpkin waffles, and last night I finished off the remaining pumpkin in my fridge making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. The wallflower fragrance in my home right now is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Craving or obsession? I don't know. I did promise my husband I would give the pumpkin a break for now with the exception of pumpkin pie this week.

Side note: I'm 38 weeks today and still pregnant.


  1. I LOVE pumpkin too! I am way excited for pumpkin pie too! Enjoy yours :)

  2. "38 weeks and still pregnant". Poor thing- are getting a bit worn out?

  3. Just enjoy justifying your extra caloric intake on Thursday. :)