Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2 is better than 1

What should I be doing right now while both my kids are sleeping? Probably the endless pile of laundry and burp cloths. This golden time only comes once a day and sometimes one of the kiddies doesn't make it happen. So I am blogging.
Life has been fun and hectic with two children. Luke is learning to be nice to Holly. However, he did sit on her today which warranted a large spanking and a long time out. There is quite a bit of crying at my house. I think 4 years as a pediatric nurse has helped me phase out crying. I'm not saying it doesn't bother me, I'm simply saying my ear is trained to ignore it if it is related to a toddler temper. I guess you could say I have a high cry tolerance. Okay I hope you don't think I shut my kids away and let them cry all the time. I love them and there is much more holding than crying.
There is also a large amount of dirty diapers in the house. Now Luke is fully trained to take the diaper and put it into the garbage. I have been checking the garbage for other things and haven't found any yet.
Here are some pictures of our crazy family.

Luke loves to give Holly kisses.


  1. Awww...what a sweet family. Our only family picture consists of me JUST having a baby, John looking homeless and Caity looked stoned. I might or might not be feeling nap time guilt right now. So much to do, so little motivation. Blast.

  2. You're family is so adorable!! You and Eric make the cutest kids! You know how some families just all look alike and you can tell by looking at a kid, "Oh he must belong to the so-and-so's." I think you family definitely has that. You just all fit together :)

  3. so so so cute!! 2 is better than 1!! Glad to see you are still alive out there.

  4. Such a cute family! Lisa, I bet you are the most patient mom ever.

  5. I have a high tolerance for crying too- we can be shopping and Porter is screaming his head off and I won't even notice until I see people staring at us...