Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Blog

I can't believe what a hypocrite I have turned into. I have to confess I get annoyed when people don't update there blogs for months. Then there is the make up blog post which is supposed to cover months of no updates. I know I know, that is exactly what I am doing right now. I could blame my lack of blogging on many things but having two kids under 18 months and working two 12 hours shifts a week should cover most of my excuses. I have really enjoyed spending time with and playing with my children. And I have enjoyed work lately. We moved from an old dingy building with two patients per room to a posh brand new floor with private rooms and all the bells and whistles. Life is great.

So here are a few random things that triggered the I should blog that thought.

I got my eyebrows waxed the other day. The lady doing then had penciled on eyebrows. I was very nervous but ironically she did the best job I have every had.

I could probably devote an entire blog post listing the food items Luke has stuck up his nose. Seriously this kid has a nose problem. If it can fit up there he has shoved it up his nose. Peas, raisins, craisins, sauage, bread crumbs, oh and my favorite he rips off tiny pieces of the wipees and puts those up his nose too. At night when he goes to sleep he twirls his blanket on his nose, weird. I don't know what to do about that.

We bought the Costco box of wipes. I rounded up 6 open packages today. I guess we just pull out a new one every time. Sheesh.

My beloved Kitchen-aid broke! Apparently more that 6 cups of contents is full for the mixer if you add anymore ingredients no warranty. Eric was making bread with the same recipe my mom has used for years in her kitchen-aid.

Our new floor in Care Area 7 has a cozy lactation room, complete with a comfy recliner and hospital grade breast pump. Before the move pumping was a royal pain at work in a tiny room used for storage.  Thank you for accommodating nursing mothers. 

We haven't done anything too exciting the last couple of months, so here are a few snapshots of our normal.

Go Dog. Go 

Isabella, Holly, & Gabriella 

 Yes, he figured this out on his own. 

Best Sunday picture so far. I have about a thousand of Luke mauling Holly.   

Another attempt at a Sunday shot.  

 (Before the stated eyebrow wax, yikes)


  1. I am still laughing about the eyebrow wax. You live on the wild side ;)

  2. Haha, great post. Loved to read your updates! I still can't believe I've never met your cute family in person! Someday, someday...

  3. I love the first picture of Luke with the shaving cream!! Too cute!! :)

  4. ok...I laughed outloud! You crack me up. I miss you and i love the updates!

  5. Fun update! Love the pictures!!

  6. Loved it!!! Can't wait to be up there!!