Friday, April 22, 2011

Crafting vs. Construction

I love love this video. President Uchtdorf puts it so simply. We women love to create and need to create. I have had a few projects I have been wanting to finish. With the two kiddos it is difficult and almost near impossible to find time to sit down and create. I told Eric all I wanted to do was to sit down for 3 hours and do something uninterrupted. He laughed and thought I was a little silly, but like a loving husband helped me fulfill my request. He even extended a helping hand. Women have an inner need and desire to create and I think men have an equal desire which also involves using tools (especially power tools in our case we'll count the stapler) and getting their hands dirty. I should have known that a simple bow board project would have brought out the construction worker Eric. Eric worked at his father's roofing business for years installing suspended ceilings. He happily got out all of his tools and helped me build the sturdiest reinforced bow board. I had to realize I couldn't tell him how to measure things and put in screws. I decided to save that heated conversation for when we remodel a bedroom or bathroom down the road. I had a sewing mindset and wanted to use patterns and templates, while Eric trusted his measuring tape and eye balling skills. I must say he did a wonderful job so without further adieu Holly's bow board.

I should have taken a picture of the back. This baby is not falling apart. Construction lesson number 1, you can never secure your work too much. Not reinforcing enough only cost more money later.
My man and all the tools. 

My mom gave me some of the extra fabric from the crib bedding so it matches. I need to pay proper tribute to my mother for making Holly's adorable bedding. Here is her quilt. 

I also made all the bows and hair clips on the board. With Etsy for inspiration and a YouTube tutorial you can make anything. Here is a link to the ribbon rose tutorial. I had to watch it several times and burn my fingers with a glue gun many times to produces these flowers. Note to self next time I buy a 2 dollar glue gun, buy the low temp one.


  1. So impressed, as always! I love when you get your little crafty self going...just like the good 'ole days in Rexburg. :) Holly Jo is adorable.

  2. Totally laughed out loud at the bit about reinforcing now saves money later. I am glad that you have such a substantial bow board that will last this girl until college. Thank heavens both the board and the baby are so cute!

  3. Lisa the bows are adorable! I hope I can make them look as good as yours. The bow board is so cute! Great idea. Taryn's bows are all in a box right now...not very creative on my part! Where did you get the stretchy bands for Holly's head? I don't know where to find them. Here's my blog address too-

  4. Good job Lisa!! The bowas and board are sang cute!! I totally know what you mean about getting the "itch" to create something! It just feels good to see an adorable finished project and know that you did that!! :)

  5. love everything!!! especially the forever lasting bow board!! I just want to come and have a play day with you.

  6. So so cute! You did a great job! Can't wait to see you guys this week!!!