Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Bliss

Eric's birthday was November 1; my old man turned 23. My birthday is exactly two months and one day later. It is one of Eric's prized facts that he is two months older and wiser than his wife. I love him the more for it. Eric has been itching to have a tool set around since we got married. So naturally I got him tools for his birthday. It was a huge hit and I have never seen my husband so excited. I hid the gifts for a week or so in our spare bedroom in large rubbermaid tubs. As I have be trying to organize this room for weeks and convert it into a baby room, it was easy to hide presents amid the disaster and trust that Eric would not venture in. The give away was when I brought home wrapping paper two days before his birthday. Once I had the paper he insisted that I must have present and begged to open them two days early. With the warning that he would have no other surprises, I let him open his presents. He looks little a little kid who got there first bike. I love my always young at heart husband.

What birthday isn't complete without a birthday meal? On the menu was baked salmon, mashed potatoes (made with red potatoes, chef's salad, rolls, and for dessert Libby's pumpkin roll. Happy Birthday to my Husband!

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  1. How fun! Rusty loves to get tools too! Just be glad Eric doesn't want all of the BIG, fancy expensive mechanicing tools that are like $300-$400 for ONE tool!!! Look like it was fun :)