Friday, April 1, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Luke sleeps in the most awkward and uncomfortable looking positions. He must have the blanket covering his face when he goes to sleep. During his sleep the blanket usually ends up completely around his head. I check that he is still breathing before I go to bed and remove him from his tangled blanket. What a silly man. He happily says "Night night" and covers his face.

Wahoo in his big boy bed. He goes right to bed at night.

During the day, we try the toddler bed first if he plays instead of naps he get the crib. (Check out my adorable  bedding for Holly. My mom made sweet sheets that match too but we swapped it out the night Luke threw up twice. My mom is amazing and I love my bedding.)

This was at Holly's blessing. He was so ready for a nap after church and the blessing. He climbed out of the bed and wedged himself under the pack and play. Poor guy had a dirty diaper, hence the pants half off.

I found this beauty on the camera a few days later. I was tired and my little Holly loves to curl up and fall asleep on you.


  1. The pictures of Luke crack me up!! what a funny little man. Both my kids are the same way. I love LOVE HOlly's bedding. I am jealous. I really love that last picture...totally captures the moment

  2. Its hard being little and tiny. I have days where I want to hide under the pack and play.

  3. Hilarious pictures of Luke!!

  4. I LOVE the bedding!!!! Dang cute!! Kids really do sleep in the weirdest positions! Too funny!!! :)