Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning

What a wonderful Sunday we had this week. I felt so spiritually feed and revived. I loved listening to conference this past week and being uplifted by our prophet and apostles. My favorite talk was by Elder Richard G. Scott called The Eternal Blessings of Marriage. This last Saturday we had a wonderful baptism in our ward. The spirit was so sweet. Then going to church was like the cherry on top. I love my family and the joy that the gospel brings to our lives. I know that we can be together forever.

Holly is 8 weeks old and wearing a dress my mother saved from when I was a baby. My Grandpa Smith bought the dress for me. 

These last two are pictures of me. Below is the day I came home from the hospital. 



  1. Weekends like that are just the BEST and general conference was SO GOOD!!! Not that it isn't always but I felt like so many more of the talks were directed at ME!! So glad you guys had a good and spiritual weekend!!

  2. What a sweet, sweet family! I love those kinds of weekends. :) Luke just struck me as looking like your mom!